The Tasteful Eight: 8 men’s swimwear brands you need to know about

The Tasteful Eight: 8 men’s swimwear brands you need to know about

1 – Frescobol Carioca

This luxury swimwear brand is named after the Brazilian beach bat game ‘Frescobol’, which found its origins at the beaches of Rio de Janeiro in 1945. Many years later, in 2013, two Brazilian born friends from London were playing the beach bat game during their surfing holiday in France. As they were playing, many passersby were intrigued and tried the game themselves. This was the moment where the two Brazilian companions unconsciously introduced an aspect of Rio’s culture to the rest of the world.

Expect swim shorts in bright and nautical colours, high quality fits and a Rio attitude from this stylish, lifestyle brand.

Visit (worldwide shipping) or one of their three London stores.

2 – Mr Marvis

The Amsterdam brand Mr Marvis was founded by two friends, out of frustration for the lack of stylish shorts for men. Their idea for Mr Marvis was simple: create the perfect, clean – but detailed – shorts for men who want to live life to the fullest. Besides shorts, Mr Marvis offers an equally perfect swimwear collection too, which is also designed in Amsterdam and handmade in Portugal. From a lunch at a lovemetender venue to a relaxing day on your boat; you can wear Mr Marvis’ shorts anywhere, any way.

Visit (worldwide shipping) or their brand-new store in Amsterdam.

3 – Orlebar Brown

Orlebar Brown, a London based brand, creates swimwear with a tailored approach. As they state it themselves, their versatile product is not so much a swim short, but a “short you can swim in”. Since their swimwear is smart enough to wear to lunch, you don’t have to change your whole outfit after your morning session on the beach or on your yacht. If you really want to steal the show, you choose a swim short from the bold, photo printed collection. Orlebar Brown even offers you the unique opportunity to turn your favourite drawing, photograph or graphic into a completely personalised pair of swim shorts. How cool is that?! A swim short with a photo of your yacht.

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4 – Katama Swim

From an adventurous boating trip, back to the dynamic city life; The Katama collection is created for the new generation of adventure seekers. Inspired by the bays of the Northeast United States, Katama focuses its collections on fine tailoring, the highest quality materials and modern styling.  

Visit (worldwide shopping).

5 – Onia

Onia is a New-York based clothing company, inspired by modern voyageurs. The brand crafts minimal – but stylish – and essential products for travellers who care about every detail. Onia’s swimwear collection is full of unique prints, with an almost arty look and feel. Fun fact; did you know that ‘Onia’ means ‘sailboat’ in Hebrew? No wonder that Onia and lovemetender are such a match!

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6 – Chubbiesshorts

Before Chubbiesshorts existed as a company, four Stanford grads made batches of shorts for themselves. As their friends and their friend’s friends started to ask them where they had bought their shorts, they soon realized they could turn this into a real business. And so, they did. Since 2011 the four Chubbies founders offer a colourful collection of shorts – with both plain styles as well as prints –that come in different lengths and sizes. Long story “shorts” check out their brand. And we like their photo styling too. 😉  

Visit (worldwide shopping) or one of their American stores.

7 – Tom & Teddy

This premium swim- and beachwear brand designs matching swim trunks for father and son, all the way from Down Under. Their UV protected swim shorts are made from a special quick-dry microfibre fabric that is both salt and chlorine resistant. Perfect for every boating wardrobe. Also, there is something ridiculously cute about fathers and sons in identical swim trunks. Right?!

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8 – OAS company

Back in the days, Oliver Adam Sebastian (OAS) used to continuously supply his friends in Stockholm with espadrilles from Spain, an in those times rare product in Scandinavia. He brought them back from his holidays in his family’s summer house in Barcelona.

Soon, the espadrilles got accompanied by swimwear, and OAS grew into the international resort brand it is today. With their colourful, original prints and practical designs, OAS brings ‘Scandi cool’ to warm boating destinations all over the world.

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