5 x Favourite restaurants with a tender service @ Mykonos, Greece

5 x Favourite restaurants with a tender service @ Mykonos, Greece

Agia Anna Beach Bar & Spilia

In the bay of Agia Anna Kalafati, you’ll discover crystal clear waters and a very relaxed vibe.. You have two options here. The first is Agia Anna, just behind the beach, for a more casual style restaurant with an all-day menu, cocktails, avocado toast, or a coffee. But our favourite for lunch? Definitely Spilia. Peacefully nestled on a natural platform on the rocks, hanging over the sea, Spilia Seaside restaurant is one of the most iconic Mykonos hotspots.

The colours, the setting, the way it is build. And… The fresh seafood. And when I mean fresh, it’s really fresh. The seafood and fresh fish are served straight from the Aegean Sea – oysters, mussels, urchins, crayfish and lobsters await your order in a small natural sea pool, to be prepared before your eyes.

There is a DJ to turn it up a bit in the late afternoons. And it seems to be a very good spot during the nights for a romantic night by candle light, but we still have to try it by night…


The second on our shortlist is Nammos. Well if you ever heard of Mykonos, you sure have heard of Nammos. We don’t really like the beach, because it’s so packed, but it’s the best for lunch, day-partying and drinks!

The beach of Psarou enchants its visitors with its soft sands, the azure waters and the natural beauty. For those reaching the shore of Psarou by yacht will feel just like they reached home. Ask for a Riva to facilitate transfers from your yacht to the Nammos dock in comfort and style, or to have exquisite drinks and food of Nammos delivered to you.

The main concept behind the Nammos beach bar was to recreate the atmosphere of life aboard a luxurious yacht on the beach, a chic and stylish way of enjoying a relaxing day under the sun. That’s what they call luxury on flip-flops.

From the daily to the spectacular concerts, a Nammos party is the talk of the town for months as the hottest names in local and international entertainment are featured in parties organized throughout the summer.


For boat lovers, Solymar is easily accessible through their private pier, located in front of Solymar Beach Restaurant. You can use either your private boat to arrive at the pier, or use their complimentary transfer service from your boat and back with Solymar’s tender and captain. Also, anchoring facilities are offered upon request.

Solymar is located on Kalo Livadi on the south-eastern shore of Mykonos. Alluring, inviting and with shimmering, crystal-clear turquoise waters, the sandy beach of Solymar offers an amazing view to the Aegean archipelago and Naxos Island.

At Solymar Restaurant they combine the gastronomic tradition of the Cyclades with cultivated modern Mediterranean cuisine, using authentic and fresh ingredients from selected local producers. A perfect menu for sharing food with friends or family. Make sure you don’t miss out on the spit roasted chicken, so good!!

It doesn’t matter what you wear or who you are. The laid-back and easy going bar of Solymar is ideal for socializing, drinking cocktails or just for having fun.


Liasti is definitely one of the best venues for lunch on the South-Eastern side of the island. Situated right on Lia Beach, you’ll find this perfect beach club with a mix of Italian & Greek vibes. Greek colours and furniture, with an Italian style menu by talented Napolitan Chef Carmine. The shadow created by the white camouflage nets create a super relaxed ambiance. Liasti is a charming venue for those looking to have the perfect day, with excellent food and service. A nice detail; just behind the restaurant there is a garden where the owners grow their own vegetables.

Beefbar Mykonos

Beefbar Mykonos is a new day-to-night beach bar restaurant located at Agios Ioannis with a complimentary tender service . The place looks stunning, it has a kitchen with an open grill and wood and grey marble stone counter. The outdoor restaurant on the beach is highlighted by white canvas canopies and grey poufs.

Located on Agios Ioannis beach, BeefBar Mykonos is a elegant yet unpretentious place where visitors of all ages can relax, enjoy amazing food and savour the moments of joy on the beach.

What to eat at Beefbar? First, the street food to share. These small portions are a selection of the best Mediterranean recipes, made with exclusive products including pure Japanese Kobe beef. Second, the fine selection of meats and fish. Our talented chefs grill wide selections of the finest quality of meat and fish in a brick oven. Discover the best meat cuts selected by Ricardo Giraudi: Black Angus from Argentina & USA, Australian Wagyu, Japanese Kobe. Finally, their handcrafted deserts to share include seasonal fruits sourced from local farmers.

Sip on seasonal cocktails mixed by one of our experienced mixologists or have a glass of wine, on the beach beds, lounge or at the bar and hang out as the day turns to night with the beats of their resident DJ.

These are just a few spots that make your Mykonian adventures even better, but there’s so much more to discover! Next time our “5 x favourite restaurants with a tender service” will be written by a lovemetender friend. She will share her Ibiza favourites with us.